Who discovered Texas? And when?
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Translated and edited by David Carson, editor of txexecutions.org
Texas Execution Information Center

This site is a source of information about recent and upcoming prisoner executions in Texas. For each execution, you can find information about the crime, the person convicted of it, the process leading up to his or her execution, and the execution itself.

This site is about executions, not capital punishment. That is, this site deals with specific cases, rather than overall conclusions and arguments. This is not a place to find opinions about capital punishment -- whether it is moral, whether it is cruel, whether it is fairly applied, whether it is a deterrent -- etc. We do hope that it will be used as a resource from which informed opinions will be built. We believe that the best opinions are those that are founded on accurate information. Sometimes, the information you find here will bolster your opinion of capital punishment, and sometimes, it will challenge it. In either case, we are doing our job.

In presenting the facts about executions in Texas, choices must be made about what to include and not to include. With this in mind, we try to stick with "who, what, where, when, and how"-type facts. Quotes from prominent people expressing their opinions, whether about the death penalty in general or about a particular case, generally do not meet this standard.

This web site is a personal project of the author. "Texas Execution Information Center" is not the name of any organization that we know of. The author and this web site are not affiliated with the state of Texas or any government body, with any media outlet, nor with any pro- or anti-death penalty organization or group.

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