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Recent Texas Executions

Arthur Brown Jr.3/9/2023Arthur Brown Jr.Age: 52County: Harris
Murder of four people during a drug buy.

The victims were tied with their hands behind their backs and nooses around their necks and placed in separate rooms. All six were then shot in the head.

Gary Green3/7/2023Gary GreenAge: 51County: Dallas
Murder of his wife and her daughter in their home.

"There will be five lives taken today, me being the 5th."

John Balentine2/8/2023John BalentineAge: 54County: Potter
Murder of three teenage boys.

News articles about Balentine's case universally omitted any mention of Balentine and Chris Caylor being friends at one point and only incurring his and Mark's animus after he beat Misty.

Wesley Ruiz2/1/2023Wesley RuizAge: 43County: Dallas
Murder of a police officer he attempted to flee from.

The defense argued that the victim was not acting in the line of duty.

Robert Fratta1/10/2023Robert FrattaAge: 65County: Harris
Hiring the murder of his wife.

More than a dozen "workout buddies" who used the same gym as Fratta later told investigators that he talked "a lot" about getting rid of his wife.


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