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Robert Fratta1/10/2023Robert FrattaAge: 65County: Harris
Hiring the murder of his wife.

More than a dozen "workout buddies" who used the same gym as Fratta later told investigators that he talked "a lot" about getting rid of his wife.

Stephen Barbee11/16/2022Stephen BarbeeAge: 55County: Tarrant
Murder of a woman and her son in their home.

He said the victim was going to "ruin" him and that they fought. He said he "held her down too long" and "didn't mean for her to stop breathing."

Tracy Beatty11/9/2022Tracy BeattyAge: 61County: Smith
Murder of his mother in her home.

Beatty had told her several times "that he just wanted to choke her and shut her up" over their fights.

John Ramirez10/5/2022John RamirezAge: 38County: Nueces
Murder and robbery of a convenience store employee.

Ramirez evaded arrest for four years. He spent time in Mexico and became a father. He eventually returned to Texas with his family and was arrested near the border city of Brownsville.

Kosoul Chanthakoummane8/17/2022Kosoul ChanthakoummaneAge: 41County: Collin
Murder and robbery of a woman in a home.

Chanthakoummane's defense attorney told jurors "he wanted to rob [her], and it didn't go the right way, and he killed her."


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