Texas Execution Information Center

Updated on 27 January 2015.

Prisoner Updates
PrisonerConvicted ofStatus
Richard VasquezMurder of his girlfriend's 4-year-old dauther.His execution, scheduled for 15 January, has been rescheduled for 23 April because the governor planned to be out of the state on 15 January.
Arnold PrietoRobbery and murder of three people in their home.Executed on 21 January.
Garcia WhiteMurder of three women in their home.His execution, scheduled for 28 January, was stayed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
Robert LaddRobbery and murder of a woman in her home.Scheduled for 29 January.
Donald NewburyMurder of a police officer during a store robbery while on escape from prison.Scheduled for 4 February.
Lester Bower Jr.Murder of four people in a robbery at an airplane hangar.Scheduled for 10 February.

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