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Barney Fuller10/5/2016Barney FullerAge: 58County: Houston
Murder of two of his neighbors in a dispute.

Fuller told Annette over the telephone, "Happy New Year, I'm going to kill you."

Pablo Vasquez4/6/2016Pablo VasquezAge: 38County: Hidalgo
Murder and robbery of a 12-year-old boy.

Vasquez said on the tape-recorded confession, "Something just told me to drink."

"You drink what?" a detective asked.

"His blood."

Adam Ward3/22/2016Adam WardAge: 33County: Hunt
Murder of a city official who was on his property.

He confessed that he "overreacted" to the situation.

Coy Wesbrook3/9/2016Coy WesbrookAge: 56County: Harris
Murder of his ex-wife and four other people in her home.

"You hear all your life, if you catch your old lady in bed with somebody, don't just shoot her, but shoot her lover, too. In her case, there was a bunch of lovers. I just took care of my business."

Gustavo Garcia2/16/2016Gustavo GarciaAge: 43County: Collin
Robbery and murder of a store clerk.

"I don't regret trying to escape," he said. "It was worth the try. At least I can say I tried."


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