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Execution Report: Larry Robison

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Robison was charged with capital murder -- namely, the murder of Bruce Gardner while in the course of the robbery of Earline Barker. A jury conviced him in 1983 and setenced him to death. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed his conviction in sentence in 1986 because of a jury selection error.

Robison was retried, and in November 1987, another jury convicted him and sentenced him to death. The Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed his conviction and sentence in June 1994. All of his subsequent appeals in state and federal court were denied.

Robison declined to make a last statement at his execution. After his death, an open letter by Robison was published on a web site, larryrobison.org. In the letter, Robison mostly shared his Hindu beliefs, with no mention of his crime. "We're all prisoners and we're all under the sentence of death - a strangely comforting thought since it makes us all equal," he wrote.


By David Carson. Posted on 3 August 2002.
Sources: Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Attorney General's Office, larryrobison.org.

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