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Execution Report: Samuel Gallamore

Samuel Gallamore
Samuel Gallamore
Executed on 14 January 2003

Samuel Clark Gallamore, 31, was executed by lethal injection on 14 January 2003 in Huntsville, Texas for the robbery and murder of three people in their home.

On 29 March 1992, Gallamore, then 21, and James Steiner, 19, drove to the home of Clayton Kenney, 83; his wife, Juliana, 74; and Mrs. Kenny's daughter, Adrienne Arnot, 44. Steiner, who had once cared for Mrs. Kenney at an area nursing home, was carrying a tire iron and a cedar tree branch. He hid while Gallamore knocked on the door. After Arnot opened the door, the two men knocked her down and forced their way inside. Mr. Kenney came to Arnot's aid, but the intruders beat both of them with the tire iron and the tree branch. Gallamore then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing them. Next, Gallamore proceeded further into the house, finding Mrs. Kenney, who was partially paralyzed, seated in a chair and unable to move. Gallamore stabbed her in the neck and beat her.

After killing all of the residents, Gallamore and Steiner stole some silverware, cash, and figurines.

Adrienne Arnot suffered 26 blunt force blows all over her body, two stab wounds to her neck, and a slashed finger. Clayton Kenney suffered six blunt force blows to his head. Juliana Kenney had a large stab wound to her neck and five blows to her head. The blows created a 7-inch by 2-inch hole in her skull.

Sheriff's investigators found the bloody tree branch hidden in the brush outside the Kenneys' home. A partial fingerprint pointed them to Gallamore, who had a prior arrest record for minor offenses. Eighteen months later, Gallamore was arrested in Chicago. In his confession, he said that he and Steiner had been taking crack cocaine and decided to rob the Kenneys to buy more drugs. Most of the stolen property was discovered buried on some land owned by Gallamore's parents.

Gallamore had no prior felony convictions, but he had misdemeanor convictions for domestic assault, possession of marijuana, and resisting arrest.

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