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Execution Report: Andrew Flores

Andrew Flores
Andrew Flores
Executed on 21 September 2004

Andrew Perez Flores, 31, was executed by lethal injection on 21 September 2004 in Huntsville, Texas for the robbery and murder of a convenience store clerk.

On 26 July 1993, Flores, then 20, and Joseph Fritz, also 20, entered a San Antonio convenience store. Juan Moreno, 23, was working at the counter. Flores pointed a handgun at Moreno and demanded the cash from the register and Moreno's car keys. Moreno put $44 from the cash register into a plastic sack and handed it to him. He then begged Flores not to take his car. He knelt behind the counter and raised his arms, as if trying to shield himself. Flores then leaned over the counter and shot Moreno in the head. He and Fritz left the store with the money. After a few moments, Flores reentered the store and rifled through Moreno's pockets as he lay bleeding on the floor. He found some keys, and Fritz was able to break into Moreno's car, but they were unable to find the ignition key. They finally fled the scene on foot.

A surveillance camera in the store caught the crime on videotape. It was quickly broadcast on local television stations. The assailants were recognized, and were arrested within hours of the shooting.

In 1990, Flores was arrested on a felony charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, but he received deferred adjudication. He was convicted of shoplifting in 1991 and of unlawfully carrying a weapon in 1992. Both convictions were misdemeanors, so Flores had no prior prison record.

Evidence at Flores' punishment hearing showed that he was known in San Antonio as "Showtime," the leader of a street gang.

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