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Execution Report: Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson
Robert Hudson
Executed on 20 November 2008

Robert Jean Hudson, 45, was executed by lethal injection on 20 November 2008 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder and robbery of his ex-girlfriend in her home.

On 6 May 1999 at about 11:00 p.m., Hudson, then 36, telephoned his ex-girlfriend, Edith Kendrick, 35, at her apartment in Dallas County. Hudson heard a man's voice in the background and became upset. He arrived at Kendrick's apartment after midnight. He knocked on the door, but she did not open it. Hudson then began yelling and kicking the door, saying he was going to kill Hudson and her visitor. Hudson kicked the door open. He saw Kendrick standing next to the bed and Michael Spearman getting up from the couch, putting his pants on. Hudson came at Spearman with a knife. When Kendrick intervened, Hudson began swinging the knife at her while Spearman ran outside to call the police from a pay phone. As Hudson was slashing Kendrick, her 8-year-old son, Colby, tried to intervene. Hudson slashed at Colby, inflicting severe cuts on his neck and fingers. Colby ran to a neighbor's apartment, where the police were called. Kendrick also ran outside, but she fell on the balcony and hit her head on the stair rail. Hudson then caught up to her, grabbed her hair, and pulled her backwards. He stabbed her repeatedly and left her in a pool of blood. Kendrick died from seven stab wounds to her upper torso.

Hudson was arrested at a neighborhood convenience store. In Kendrick's apartment, police found an open purse on the couch. Spearman told police that the purse contained cash and a new watch, and that it was not on the couch when Hudson arrived. At the police station, police found a ladies' watch and $275 with blood on it in Hudson's pocket. Hudson confessed to the murder. "I loved Edith", his confession stated. "I am sorry for what happened and have told the truth about the incident."

At Hudson's trial, in addition to his confession and the above evidence, the state presented eyewitnesses who saw the attack on Kendrick's balcony. Witness Michael Munoz testified that he saw Hudson stab Kendrick six to eight times while she was on her back, each time raising his arm as high as he could.

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