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Execution Report: Michael Rosales

Michael Rosales
Michael Rosales
Executed on 15 April 2009

Michael Flores Rosales, 35, was executed by lethal injection on 15 April 2009 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder of a 68-year-old woman during a burglary of her home.

During the early morning of 4 June 1997, Rosales, then 23, broke into the Lubbock apartment of Mary Felder. When Felder awoke and found Rosales in her house, Rosales beat her on the head and neck, knocking out several of her teeth and crushing her larynx. Rosales also stabbed Felder with a steak knife and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Altogether, Felder sustained 113 wounds - 33 blunt force injuries, and 80 stab, puncture, or cut wounds. Her body was discovered that afternoon by her grandson, who visited her regularly.

Police interviewed occupants of the neighboring apartments. During the investigation, Rosales, who had been staying with a friend in the apartment next to Felder's, followed detectives around, appearing to be concerned. After police interviewed him, they arrested him for an outstanding traffic warrant. They then discovered a bloody t-shirt, pair of jeans, and pair of tennis shoes in his apartment. The shoes matched bloody shoeprints found in Felder's bedroom. DNA analysis matched the blood on the clothing with Felder's blood. In addition, Felder's DNA was found in blood discovered on the door to Rosales' apartment, and Rosales' DNA was found in blood left in Felder's bathroom sink.

Rosales confessed to the murder. He told detectives that he was high on cocaine at the time and broke into Felder's apartment to get money. When she found him inside her home and threatened to call police, he pulled her into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, then dragged her into a bedroom and began stabbing her. "I told her that I was sorry and asked her to die, but she kept breathing," Rosales confessed. He said he knew she was still alive when he left because "I could hear her choking on her blood." He also led police to the dumpster where he disposed of the murder weapons. There, police found a white trash bag containing a pair of needle-nose pliers, a steak knife, and a fork. Blood left on all of the instruments contained the victim's DNA.

"I don't deserve to live," Rosales stated in his confession, asking that he be put to death by lethal injection or in the gas chamber. "I want to say that I did not go into Ms. Mary's apartment to kill her. I just wanted to steal something from her. I also want to die as quick as she did."

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