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Execution Report: Carroll Parr

Carroll Parr
Carroll Parr
Executed on 7 May 2013

Carroll Joe Parr, 35, was executed by lethal injection on 7 May 2013 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder of a man during an armed robbery.

On 11 January 2003, Parr, then 25, bought some marijuana from Joel Dominguez, 18, outside a convenience store in downtown Waco. Some time later, Parr returned to the store with Earl Whiteside. Parr and Whiteside, 30, forced Dominguez and his friend, Mario Chavez, at gunpoint to a fenced area beside the store. Parr then struck Dominguez multiple times in the head with his gun, demanding money. After Dominguez gave Parr his wallet, Parr told Whiteside, "Smoke 'em." Whiteside shot Chavez in the hand. Parr fatally shot Dominguez in the head at close range.

At his trial, Parr, known as "Outlaw" on the streets of Waco, admitted involvement in the drug deal, but said he was nowhere near the store at the time of the robbery. He testified that his friend, Damion Montgomery, did the shooting. Both Chavez and Whiteside, however, testified that Parr was the killer. Furthermore, Parr's girlfriend, Dawanna Harrison, testified that Parr confessed to her that he shot Dominguez. Damion Montgomery and two other men also testified that Parr confessed the shooting to them.

A surveillance video from the convenience store showed that Parr was there at the time of Dominguez's murder.

Parr had a previous conviction on three counts of delivery of cocaine in November 1996, for which he was placed on probation. In January 1998, he was sent to state jail for two years for violating the terms of his probation. After his release, he had misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession and evading arrest.

Whiteside also testified that Parr murdered Ronnie Zarazua on 8 December 2001 because Zarazua was planning to testify against Parr's friend, Milton Crosby. Whiteside testified that Parr showed him the site where he dumped Zarazua's body. Dawanna Harrison also testified that Parr drove her to the site where he shot Zarazua, and that he told her the victim was going to testify against one of his friends.

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