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Execution Report: Willie Trottie

Willie Trottie
Willie Trottie
Executed on 10 September 2014

Willie Tyrone Trottie, 45, was executed by lethal injection on 10 September 2014 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder of his ex-common-law wife and her brother in their home.

Willie Trottie and Barbara Canada met in 1989, formed a romantic relationship, moved in together, and had a child. The couple separated in September 1992, and Canada moved in with her mother and other family members. Trottie then began threatening and harassing Canada, begging her to return to him. He once bumped her car while she was traveling 60 to 65 miles per hour, and once kidnapped her, releasing her only after she promised to reunite with him. According to witnesses at his trial, Trottie warned Canada repeatedly that he would kill her if she did not return to him.

In October, Trottie and a cousin went to Canada's house in Harris County to visit Trottie's child. During the visit, Trottie grabbed Canada by the neck, threw her on the couch, and choked her. After he was forced to leave the house, Trottie shot out the tires on Canada's car.

Canada obtained a protective court order against Trottie, but the threats and harassment did not stop. In April 1993, Trottie telephoned Canada and threatened to kill her unless she returned, this time giving her a deadline of 1 May.

On 3 May, Trottie, then 23, came to Canada's house armed with a shotgun. Barbara's brother, Titus Canada, 29, confronted Trottie with a .380 caliber pistol, at which point Trottie departed. He then called the home and said that he "wanted" Barbara and her brother.

At 11:00 p.m., Trottie returned. He kicked in the door of Canada's house and began firing a 9 mm pistol, hitting Barbara's mother and sister. Titus grabbed his .380 caliber pistol and began shooting at Trottie, hitting him before being wounded himself. Trottie then found Barbara, 24, in a back bedroom. He shot her eleven times while she lay on the ground, saying, "Bitch, I told you I was going to kill you." He then returned to the living room and shot Titus twice in the back of the head. There were five children under the age of seven in the home. None were wounded, but at least two of them witnessed Titus's murder. Barbara's mother and sister survived their injuries.

Trottie drove himself to the hospital in Barbara's car. He was arrested in the emergency room.

Numerous witnesses testified for the state that they had heard Trottie's threats against Barbara Canada. One witness testified that Trottie had also threatened Titus Canada for getting "in the way."

Trottie had a history of misdemeanor theft and weapons convictions going back to high school. He also had a prior felony charge of automobile theft in September 1990. He pleaded guilty and was given a deferred adjudication sentence of five years' probation. He quit reporting for probation in February 1993.

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