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Updated on 1 December 2014.


Most of Texas' death row prisoners are ineligible for execution at any given moment because of the current status of their appeals. This "watch list" shows the prisoners on Texas' death row whose cases we feel are close to final review, or are likely to become close to final some time this year. This list is not official and is not supported or endorsed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Office of the Attorney General, or any other state entity.

Watch List on 1 January 2014
NameOn Death
Row Since
615Jack Harry Smith10/10/1978
764Lester Leroy Bower5/10/1984

Scheduled for 2/10/2015.

778Pedro Solis Sosa11/28/1984
856Willie Terion Washington12/11/1986

US5CCA ordered the USDC to consider his appeal.

866David Lee Lewis4/15/1987
869Kenneth Dewayne Thomas5/14/1987
909Emanuel Kemp Jr.5/28/1987
913Marlin Enos Nelson8/25/1998
925Steven Anthony Butler12/1/1988
956Robert Mitchell Jennings11/10/1989
999018Gustavo Julian Garcia1/8/1992
999032Robert James Campbell7/10/1992

His execution, scheduled for 5/13/2014, was stayed by the US5CCA.

999046George Edward McFarland9/29/1992
999051David Leonard Wood1/14/1993

On 11/26/14, the TCCA upheld the trial court's finding that he is not retarded.

999075Tony Egbuna Ford10/14/1993
999077John Reyes Matamoros10/29/1993
999085Willie Tyrone Trottie12/15/1993

Executed on 9/10/2014.

999105James Lee Henderson6/8/1994

On 2/26/14, the TCCA declined to reconsider its earlier decision to deny his mental retardation claim.

999108Gerald Eldridge6/24/1994
999109Charles Douglas Raby6/30/1994
999110Arthur Brown Jr.6/30/1994

On 8/8/2014, the US5CCA denied his request to fund his clemency petition.

999130Edgar Arias Tamayo11/18/1994

Executed on 1/22/2014.

999143Henry Watkins Skinner3/31/1995
999145Roland Ruiz Jr.5/4/1995
999149Arnold Prieto6/2/1995

Scheduled for 1/21/2015.

999164Scott Louis Panetti9/25/1995

Scheduled for 12/3/2014.

999174Michael Dean Gonzales12/11/1995
999181Larry Hatten2/9/1996

On 10/13/2014, the TCCA stayed his execution so an earlier unresolved filing can be resolved.

999202Joseph Andrew Prystash8/2/1996
999204Anthony Shawn Medina9/13/1996
999205Garcia Glen White9/13/1996

Scheduled for 1/28/2015.

999219Jose Noey Martinez1/29/1997
999228Eric Dewayne Cathey4/29/1997

On 11/5/2014, the TCCA ruled that a trial judge erred in declaring him retarded.

999231Duane Edward Buck6/25/1997
999235Carlos Trevino8/6/1997
999237Robert Charles Ladd8/29/1997

On 4/8/2014, the US5CCA affirmed a lower court's finding that he is not retarded.

999240Carlos Manuel Ayestas9/17/1997
999247Ramiro Rubi Ibarra12/10/1997
999256Jeffery Lee Wood3/3/1998
999259Larry Edgar Estrada4/1/1998
999260Chuong Duong Tong4/1/1998
999267Allen Bridgers5/14/1998
999271Rodney Reed5/29/1998

Scheduled for 1/14/2015.

999275Ruben Ramirez Cardenas7/29/1998
999279Julius Jerome Murphy8/18/1998
999281Coy Wayne Wesbrook9/2/1998
999282Anthony Bartee9/3/1998
999283Arthur Lee Burton9/16/1998
999290Ignacio Gomez12/10/1998
999291Felix Rocha12/16/1998
999297Pablo Lucio Vasquez3/30/1999
999299Charles Don Flores4/2/1999
999300David Lynn Carpenter4/8/1999
999305Joel Escobedo5/5/1999
999308Ruben Gutierrez5/14/1999

US5CCA denied his appeal on 11/13/2014.

999315John Lezell Balentine6/11/1999
999319Richard Vasquez6/24/1999

Scheduled for 1/15/2015.

999325Britt Allen Ripkowski9/15/1999
999329Suzanne Margaret Basso4/5/2007

Executed on 2/5/2014.

999330Anthony Cardell Haynes11/3/1999
999332Juan Carlos Alvarez11/17/1999
999336Manuel Vasquez11/30/1999

His execution, previously scheduled for 8/6/2014, was removed from the schedule.

999341Ray Jasper2/4/2000

Executed on 3/19/2014.

999342Ramiro Hernandez2/11/2000

Executed on 4/9/2014.

999351Troy James Clark3/31/2000

On 5/7/2014, the TCCA denied his appeal.

999354Joe Franco Garza Jr.4/18/2000
999360Juan Martin Garcia6/21/2000

US5CCA denied his appeal on 6/27/14.

999361Larry Ray Swearingen7/12/2000

On 2/5/2014, the TCCA reversed the trial court's decision to order a DNA test.

999366Anibal Canales Jr.11/2/2000
999367Tommy Lynn Sells11/8/2000

Executed on 4/3/2014.

999369Bernardo Aban Tercero12/13/2000
999371William Earl Rayford1/4/2001
999376Bill Douglas Gates2/21/2001
999379Quintin Phillippe Jones3/16/2001
999381Daniel Clate Acker4/2/2001
999388Robert Lee Woodard6/20/2001
999390Gilmar Alexander Guevara6/26/2001

TCCA denied his appeal on 8/11/2014.

999391Rigoberto Avila Jr.7/19/2001
999392Jedidiah Isaac Murphy7/26/2001
999393Alvin Avon Braziel Jr.8/9/2001
999396Obie D. Weathers9/13/2001
999398William Speer10/30/2001
999399Ivan Abner Cantu11/8/2001
999400Miguel Angel Paredes11/9/2001

Executed on 10/28/2014.

999402Robert Gene Will II1/28/2002

On 2/5/2014, the TCCA sent the case back to the trial court to consider his claims.

999403Donald Keith Newbury1/28/2002

Scheduled for 2/4/2015.

999406Linda Carty3/7/2002
999410Perry Allen Austin4/25/2002
999411Robert Lynn Pruett4/30/2002

On 10/22/2014, the TCCA upheld a lower court's finding that a DNA test did not exonerate him.

999412John David Battaglia5/1/2002
999414Richard Allen Masterson5/15/2002
999416Geronimo Rene Gutierrez5/21/2002
999417Jose Luis Villegas5/21/2002

Executed on 4/16/2014.

999420Perry Eugene Williams Jr.6/25/2002
999432Licho Escamilla11/2/2002

On 4/15/2014, the US5CCA granted permission for him to file an appeal.

999434Manuel Garza Jr.11/8/2002

Scheduled for 4/15/2015.

999439Chris Wayne Shuffield2/5/2003
999441Joseph Christopher Garcia2/14/2003
999442Robert Leslie Roberson III2/21/2003
999447Clinton Lee Young III4/15/2003
999451Derrick Dewayne Charles5/27/2003

Scheduled for 5/12/2015.

999459Billy Jack Crutsinger10/8/2003

US5CCA denied his appeal on 8/18/2014.

999461Patrick Henry Murphy Jr.11/20/2003
999463Terry Darnell Edwards12/4/2003
999464Marcus Ray Tyrone Druery12/5/2003
999465Walter Alexander Sorto12/11/2003
999477Juan Jose Reynoso6/27/2007
999478Anthony Dewayne Doyle5/28/2004

Executed on 3/27/2014.

999480Edgardo Rafael Cubas6/7/2004
999482Anthony Quinn Francois8/5/2004
999483Calvin Letroy Hunter8/5/2004
999493Andre Lee Thomas3/16/2005
999494Taichin Preyor3/30/2005
999498Moises Mendoza Sandoval7/1/2005
999506Edward Busby Jr.11/18/2005
999511Lisa Ann Coleman 6/22/2006

Executed on 9/17/2014.

999513Ramiro F. Gonzales9/27/2006
999515Clifton Lamar Williams10/27/2006

TCCA denied his appeal on 8/1/2014.

999523Richard Lee Tabler4/5/2007

US5CCA denied his appeal on 10/4/2014.

999535Randall Wayne Mays5/16/2008

Scheduled for 3/18/2015.

TCCA - Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
US5CCA - U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
USDC - U.S. district court
USSC - U.S. Supreme Court