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Execution Report: Clifford Kimmel

Clifford Kimmel
Clifford Kimmel
Executed on 20 September 2007

Clifford Allan Kimmel, 32, was executed by lethal injection on 20 September 2007 in Huntsville, Texas for killing and robbing three people in an apartment.

On 9 April 1999, Kimmel, then 23, and Derek Murphy, 24, went to the apartment of an acquaintance, Rachel White. They waited outside for several people to leave. They then came to the door and asked White if they could use her phone. White let them in. Murphy then pointed a gun at White, 22, and her two remaining guests, Susan Halverstadt, 22, and Brett Roe 29. After tying the victims' hands with rope, Murphy took White into the bathroom and asked where her money was. When White resisted, Kimmel injected her in the arm with a syringe containing Tilex, a household bathroom cleaning fluid. Murphy then smothered White with a pillow until she stopped thrashing, then he cut her neck. Next, Kimmel injected Roe with Tilex. When he attempted to run for the front door, Kimmel and Murphy tackled him. Kimmel then stabbed Roe in the chest. Murphy then took the knife from Kimmel, cut Roe's throat, and stabbed him multiple times while Kimmel held his legs. Murphy then stabbed Halverstadt. The assailants then returned to the bathroom, where White was lying on the floor, gasping for air. They carried her into the bedroom, then Murphy set on her chest and stabbed her in the chest and throat. The men then stole a stereo, VCR, White's purse, Roe's wallet, a jewelry box, and some other items.

The victims' bodies were not discovered until three days later, after concerned friends asked the apartment manager to check on them.

Detectives tracked purchases made with one of the victim's credit cards to Kimmel and Murphy. Kimmel was arrested five weeks later on a parole revocation warrant. He initially denied any involvement in the murders, but two days later, he confessed to them in writing.

Kimmel, who pleaded guilty, had a lengthy juvenile and adult criminal history including multiple home burglaries and parole violations. He also had arrests for indecency with a child, shoplifting, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and criminal trespass. After his probation for a home burglary conviction was revoked in April 1997, he was sent to prison on a six-year sentence, but was paroled again in November 1998. Evidence presented at his punishment hearing indicated that he, Murphy, and two others robbed a fast food restaurant a few days before the triple murder.

Kimmel stated that after he and Murphy carried Rachel White into the bedroom, she pleaded, "Help me, Clifford, I'm dying. Why are you doing this?" Kimmel answered, "I don't know what to tell you, because I don't know why."

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